The products at Grand Cru Executive are created not only out of passion and love for leather, but also out of respect for the environment, time, but above all - for people.

Our products are unique and made exclusively to order. However, their uniqueness lies not only in their perfect fit for the future owner, but also in the fact that we create them with respect for natural resources. We are responsible and act sustainably, knowing that human actions translate into the future of our planet and its inhabitants.
Story enchanted in leather


Each product is custom-made and reflects the story of the creator and future owner. It is also tangible proof of our respect for Tuscan artisans and their tradition, we wish to continue. We believe that our bags, wallets and other even the littlest accessories can last years and be handed down from generation to generation, becoming family heirlooms, be part of memories and creating new stories for decades.


Relations as the key to uniqueness


The foundation of our daily work is our respect for a multi-generational tradition that we continue, following the example of the boutique's founder. It means that we create a business based on relations with people that goes hand in hand with trust, honesty, passion, dedication and hard work. This philosophy is shared by our entire staff, from boutique employees to designers to artisans.


Craftsmanship to the smallest detail


We put all our heart and experience into the whole process - from knowing your needs, through choosing materials, to creating a product. All our products are hand-made - each stroke of thread, each cut, every detail is the precise work of a skilful artisan. Everything we do is original, no matter how many items we create, each one will always be unique and one of its kind.


Sustainable natural materials


There is no randomness in our choices. Every item we create is made from carefully selected materials. The most important material we work with is full grain leather. We choose vegetable tanned horse leather, which we source exclusively from the best European suppliers. Given the centuries-long history of Italian leather, we rely primarily on suppliers from Tuscany, where it is tanned by the most experienced artisans.The selection of materials ensures the highest durability and quality of the final product.