Grand Cru Executive is a small luxury artisan boutique based in London founded by Bartosz Kaczyński. In our manufacture, we create the finest leather accessories. Every product is handcrafted to individual order and made from the carefully selected European premium quality leather. Its uniqueness reflects the character, story and needs of its new owner, but also the story and experience of the craftsman. Moving away from mass production allows us to create a true heirloom - a product with a soul that you cannot find anywhere else.


From the very beginning, we are guided by the mission and vision of our owner and founder, which remains alive in our small artisan boutique. Grand Cru Executive is the result of his years of experience working with clients in the luxury segment, understanding their needs and discovering what they are missing in the market. We strive to preserve values that are disappearing in the mass production market, so we aim to ensure that our boutique remains a small family business with traditions.


When you enter our boutique, you can immediately feel the difference. Grand Cru Executive is no ordinary shop. It was born out of a desire to combine running an artisan boutique with travel and a passion for sports. It is a place where you can not only find unique products or relax from the hardships of everyday life, but you can also experience the highest quality of service. A seemingly ordinary visit turns into a complete experience that will take you back to your memories. Instead of loud music, so often heard in large shopping centres, you will hear the peaceful sounds of your childhood. You can even sense the Tuscan tradition in the soothing scent of natural materials.


Customer relations are our priority - the entrepreneurs to whom we direct our services are inspiring people with specific character traits. We value their trust and guarantee them reliable and comprehensive advice, the combination of which allows us to create unique items.


Visit us. Tell us a story and let us create your very personal thing - from a little keychain to a travel bag.