What to consider when choosing leather travel bags

Are you looking for the perfect travel bag for a weekend getaway? Leather duffel bags are a great choice. On the one hand, they are made of the highest quality leather. On the other hand, they are practical and durable. As a result, they can boast a vintage style.

Skin types

When you start your adventure with leather bags, you may encounter many concepts that are confusing. For example, terms like "real" "bonded" or "genuine" Leather. These are nothing more than sophisticated terms for the lowest quality leather.

Full Grain Leather

This leather is widely regarded as the highest quality on the market. It is leather that comes from the highest quality animal skin. In this case, no chemical processes are allowed.

Full Grain Leather is very thick. Hence, it is very difficult to process, and thus - more expensive. Let's also be aware that this skin, as in the case of our skin, will have its flaws and imperfections.

Top Grain Leather

As with Full Grain Leather, it is the highest quality leather. However, in this case, chemical processes are allowed. Top Grain Leather is easier to process due to the chemical processes that can be used.

Which makes it a bit cheaper. However, it is unlikely that it will be as durable and durable as Full Grain Leather.


When going on vacation for a few days, pay attention to the storage possibilities offered by the bag. On the one hand, a bag with a large compartment is a good option. But wouldn't it be a better solution for each piece of equipment to have its own compartments.

When looking for a leather bag for a weekend trip, pay attention to whether the storage method is well thought out. Many times, a very important and useful solution can be a special place for a tablet, laptop, and thus also for pens and business cards.


Often overlooked but also a very important aspect are external pockets that allow easy access to useful things. Being, for example, at the airport, when we need to take out a passport and plane tickets.

Some bags now have separate compartments for shoes. So you can prepare spare shoes for hiking during the holidays. Or during a business trip.


If you are going on a trip for a few days, a 20-inch bag is more than enough. However, for a longer weekend, consider 24-inch bags. Thanks to that, we will take a laptop as well as a few other gadgets.

In the case when we are going on a longer - week trip, it is worth paying attention to the bags with a size of 28 inches

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