Men's vests - how to dress classically and elegantly?

The history related to this part of our wardrobe causes that we treat it with seriousness and respect. Because in the past it reflected and symbolized the status of the person who was wearing it. Formerly a vest combined with a watch on a chain, a cylinder and a Byala symbolen cigar of a man who came from high society.

One may be tempted that men's vests, or men's everyday vests, do not complement Tolkien's men's outfit. And by type, their style, cut and fabric not only reflect the man. It also says a lot about him.

Everyday men's vests.

A feature of this type of vest is its casual style. Which translates into confidence in the presentation at a high level. The reason for this is that combined with its informal elegance, the quality of its workmanship translates into uniqueness combined with comfort and naturalness.

How to choose a vest? First of all, note:

- vests should be long enough to cover the waistband. However, not longer than the hip bone.
- Bottom button is worn unfastened
- If there is a vest on the back ... use it. This will prevent the vest from slipping.

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