How We Make A Leather Belt Key Holder?

For each leather key ring, we use Full Grain Leather, which is vegetable tanned. Natural plant dyes such as tree bark are used for this type of tanning. Thanks to which the skin is harder.

For quick and easier execution of this type of project, we primarily use the SWIVEL SNAP or SCISSOR SNAP carabiner, a tool for setting the latches and a point anvil. And also one large clasp for a jacket with a regular clasp for a cap (cap and socket)

Preparation of the skin

In this type of project, we use leather scraps that have already been dyed, treated with LEATHER CONDITIONER and POLISHED. This is a great way to use small pieces of leather that are left over from previous projects.

The first stage of preparation is drawing on the skin using our acrylic pattern. After something next stage, we position it in the right way and attract. To set the safety pin, use tools such as the SNAP SETTER, a hammer and a CONVENTIONAL ANVIL. You will also need a solid surface, such as the MINI ANVIL, and a sturdy table or worktable so that the latch does not bounce when positioned.

In order for our products to be durable and serve for years, we use special rivets and latches. The latch that we use for this type of project consists of four elements: the upper plug and socket, and the lower post and pin. In addition, the internal slot fits over the top plug. And it has rounded edges.

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