8 Tips for Cleaning Leather Products

1. Know the type of leather your bag is made of. The reason is how we are going to clean the skin that has been treated. On the other hand, when the bags are made of suede.

If we are not sure what kind of leather the leather is made of, test it in a visible place on the agent we use.

2. When cleaning the leather, avoid DIY cleansers. When cleaning leather, it is better to use water or products that are intended only for the leather.

3. Removes stains as soon as they appear, wiping them dry with a soft cloth to remove as much moisture as possible. Then, using a damp cloth, wipe the dirty area.

4. Moisturize. After each cleansing of the skin with water or cleanser, gently rub in the conditioner in a circular motion. with a brush, sponge or microfiber.

5. If it comes to tough stains, we can dry clean them. For grease, ink and makeup stains, they may require professional cleaning.

6. Leather as a material is an extremely durable material. As a result, sometimes the best way is to let the stain absorb. It may take weeks or even months.

7. Take care of your leather bag by regularly wiping dirty areas. Some leather products can be resistant to spray impregnation, while others, such as shoes, can be waxed

8. How we store our leather products also affects their durability. Therefore, store leather products in a dry place. Away from sunlight.

To prevent mold and discoloration, in addition to keeping the bags in shape, stuff them with a clean towel and store them in a bag.

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